Disability Insurance

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Disability Insurance from GT Brokers provide you the most wanted financial support when you are unable to work and earn due to your disability. It gives you security by replacing an amount from your earnings when an illness or injuries makes you disabled. As a result, you are unable to work and earn an income. Accidents, injuries and illness occur often to many persons. These are in fact part and parcel of our life. At any time these could happen to anyone.

At GT Brokers personal Disability Insurance and business Disability Insurance are available. These policies are very flexible. Features of these policies always help bridge the gap between income and expenses during the period of disability. The most valuable asset is your potential, skills and ability to earn an income. Our experts will consult you and calculate the amount of money you may need when you are unable to work and earn due to disability. Based on the calculation, our Disability Insurance provides you with sufficient income to meet your various financial obligations and sustain your life style

We are following a system to identify the income you need to run your life style in case you are unable to work and earn due to the disability caused to you. Your life style depends on who you are and what you are doing in life. You may be a professional. Or a business man or an executive officer or just an employee. Income needs of these personal vary from each. We have experts who can work out a plan that would help meet your income needs.

A business owner always wishes to safeguard his independence and profitability. If an employee gets injured and become disable, it will cause anxiety to that business man. In order to maintain profitability, certain expenses need to be controlled properly. GT Brokers have experts who could work out various insurance policies with adequate covers for such business owners to pay for certain business expenses. They even help him find out a suitable replacement for the disabled employee.

The Personal Disability Insurance Policy can provide you adequate benefits on a monthly basis during your disability period. We have various disability insurance programs with optional benefits to help the affected persons. You can choose from it according to your needs. GT Brokers have separate programs for self-employed persons, executives, business owners and employee. Of course, we give flexibility so that you customize the policy coverage to suit your needs. Our policies help you much and relieve from the anxiety of not being able to earn.

The some of the benefits of our policies are given below

  • We pay the benefits from the policy directly. It will replace the income when you are unable to work.
  • Credit card bills, groceries, utilities and car payments are some of the benefits.
  • We give you a specialist who will help you on the processes to get your benefits.
  • You will have easy access to obtain rehabilitation assistance and undergo training programs at no cost to you.
  • If any Individual who don’t have emergency savings, he will be able to get benefit from our policy.
  • If any individual become disabled and he is in need of paying his bills, he will be benefitted from our policy.
  • If there is history of family diseases of any individual, such person will get benefits from our policy.