Mortgage Insurance

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A right mortgage insurance policy is very necessary to protect your home which is under mortgage. The GT Brokers have a good system and give Mortgage Insurance Policies to customers. These policies always protect your valuable home when you no longer can. In some instances, money lenders themselves give mortgage loan insurance policies to the owners of the house. However, these polices are much inclined towards the lenders and give protection to them. House owners are not protected well by these policies. Our policies give more comprehensive protection to the house owners.

The house owners own our mortgage insurance policies. They can choose their beneficiaries. In lender’s policy benefits go to the lender. The ending of coverage depends on the terms you opt in our policy. The coverage stays same throughout the term of the policy. It will not decrease in relation to the remaining loan value. The benefits will be paid as a sum to the beneficiary of your choice who can use the benefits as he/she wish. As you are the owner of the policy, even if you sell your house you are protected. We are flexible. If you wish, we renew some policies or covert to another policy. Ours is more affordable than lender’s

If the house owner provide a smaller down payment, the premiums requested by the lender will cost much. Our policies are not like this. We offer insurance solutions of different varieties which will protect your mortgage. Policies of GT Brokers are really protect you and your family. Your family are free to use the benefits as they wish, not just paying house payments. Policies of the GT Brokers are more flexible. Even if you change address, sell your house, re-finance your mortgage our policies remain valid. It will be in force as long as you need it.

GT Brokers issue mortgage insurance for short term needs and long term needs-lifelong security. You are free to decide on it and finalize with our guidance. With our policies you kept covered regardless of the balance remaining on your loan.