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Super visa insurance and Visitors Insurance is a must for persons entering into Canada. Are you planning to visit Canada as a Visitor or under Super visa insurance? Are you coming to Canada as an immigrant? Are you a student studying in Canada? Are your family members or friends coming on a short trip to Canada? Do you know that Super visa insurance and visitors insurance is necessary to meet expenses related to medical treatment while in Canada. You also can protect you from loss of baggage, damage to baggage, delay in flight and accidents? We are available for your needs in case of emergency during your visits in Canada. GT Brokers protects you and your family. We help you get a policy for Super visa, visitor Visa and/or Travelling Canadian insurance.

As a Visitor it is your responsibility to ensure that you have an emergency medical policy before your travels commences. While you are in Canada, expenses on medical issues rise up quickly. This include Doctor Visits, hospital bills, charges for drugs and other medical expenses etc. If you are not covered under Super Visa insurance and Visitors Insurance Policy while you are in Canada, you may find it extremely difficult to meet your expenses on medical issues which are very costly.

At GT Brokers, we works with number of leading Canadian insurance companies in getting you a lowest premium for your Super Visa insurance, Visitors insurance and Travel Insurance Policies. Simply give us a call or email us to get insurance policy that meets your requirement.

Who are persons eligible to get policies?

The following persons are eligible to purchase this policy.

  • Visitors travelling to Canada for any period of time (month or year).
  • Persons intending to stay with their family members or friends for any period of time.
  • Persons who have come to Canada under Permanent Visa and awaiting for Provincial health insurance.
  • Persons working in Canada on a temporary basis.
  • International students.

What are the coverages you get under Super Visa/visitors to Canada Insurance?

  • Coverage up to $15,000 to $ 200,000 for emergency medical expenses for eligible persons while they are visiting Canada.
  • Policy covers for trips which are lasting up to one year, which can be renewable for any further years.
  • Policy covers for Extended Health Care. Fees you pay for the Physicians, for taking X-Rays, payment for Physiotherapist, Drugs prescribed, ambulance charges for obtaining ambulance services, accommodation in hospital, diagnostic tests, treatment by authorized specialists and child care charges.
  • Policy covers Dental accidents, Emergency Hospital treatment services, Accidents while travelling.
  • Policy covers trips made outside Canada.
  • Individual policies, Policy for couple or family.
  • For students while studying in Canada, policy covers costs due to accidents, emergencies in health and medical issues

How do the GT Brokers help you?

Super Visa insurance, Visitors Insurance are a great peace of mind for persons who are visiting Canada. We offer lowest premium policy from a leading Canadian insurance company. Persons who come to Canada under a Permanent visa who are awaiting for the provincial health insurance policy coverage also shall receive smart solutions for the first three month. Super visa insurance and Visitors Insurance from the GT Brokers provide emergency medical care services, trip accidents and optional covers for trip interruption.

What is the age limit for eligibility? Persons who below 85 years is old is eligible from $15,000 to $200,000 coverage. Persons who are 85 years and above are eligible for coverage amounting to $ 15,000, $ 25,000, $ 50,000 and $100,000.

What are the coverages you get under Travelling Canadian?

Policy for Single Trip and/or Multi trip outside Canada is available with us. This policy covers the Traveling Canadian who go outside their province and/or Canada. Travelling Canadian policies covers you up to $10M in Emergency medical expenses during your travelling and/or stay outside your province.

If you are travelling as a Family, we have a Family Coverage. We offer competitive lowest premium from a leading Canadian insurance company of your choice, which will be very economical and affordable.

GT Brokers takes care of you and safeguard you from the high cost of unexpected medical expenses. You will feel very comfortable with us and we are very flexible. You can purchase your policy upon arrival or prior to your departure. Policy can also be taken out for your trips outside of Canada. If you are facing difficulties during your visits, our assistance is always available throughout the day and night. Call us or contact us online we are ready to help you.