Long Term Care Insurance

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The Long Term Care Insurance provided by GT Brokers is organized in such a way to cover services for a long term and necessary supports. Long term care consists varieties of services and supports needed by most of the old age persons. What are these supports? These include personal care such as help for bathing, dressing up, eating, climbing on and out of bed, walking around, and using toilets. These care may be needed in different settings such as in your homes, a community organizations or some other facility providing places. The persons who take the Long Term Care Insurance policies from GT Brokers are usually reimbursed a daily amount for services to assist them with their daily activities. This include bathing, dressing, eating etc. But of course you have various benefits to select from according to your needs.

How the cost of Long Term Care Insurance policy is determined?

The cost of the policy is normally based on the following

  • Your age at the time of taking the Long Term Care Insurance Policy.
  • The maximum amount you will be getting from the policy per day.
  • The maximum number of years covered by the policy.
  • The lifetime maximum amount payable by the policy. [Lifetime maximum amount = maximum amount per day x number of years (days) covered].
  • Optional benefits you selected.

Can anyone obtain Long Term Care Insurance?

No. if your health is poor, you are disqualified. If you are already receiving long term care services also a disqualification as most of the individual policies require reports from medical doctors. However, GT Brokers provide Long term care insurance policies with a limited coverage or coverage at a higher rate. Some of the group policies do ne require medical reports.

What are the benefits of Long Term Care Insurance Policies provided by GT Brokers?

Policies of the GT Brokers protect your plans for retirement. Our policies do have flexibility to enable you make choices about the care you may need. Through our policies, when you are no longer take care of yourself, we provide necessary supports and financial assistance to manage the expenses for care at your home or in any other facility. Our policies provide guarantee for the payment of monthly benefits.

The insured person is free to use the long term care insurance benefits as he/she wishes and we do not require any receipts from him/her. Also he/she can choose where to receive the needed care. It is not necessary that he/she be admitted to a long term care facility. He/she can live in the comfort of his home if he/she wishes. Even if some of the cares are provided by his/her family members, we will not change the benefits from our policies.

If there is loss of independence, we offer other assistances and services which are of great value to the client or his /her loved ones. We have health professionals to answer all questions and help our clients and their family pass through a difficult period. Health professional will visit the home of our clients to evaluate his/her needs and the needed health care services. Health professionals can also visit the client at his/her home to evaluate his needs and organize the health care services required.